Backside Equipment > DynaTex GST 150(Danville, CA)

Backside Equipment > DynaTex GST 150 Manufacturer:DynaTex Condition:Used,we sell it at AS IS. Price:Best Offer Please contact us by for more information. PRODUCT BENEFITS ? More real estate and narrower street widths, because Zero kerf loss allows higher die density on the wafer ? Increased production rates ? Chip free results ? Less residual stress ? No toxic water discharge ? No D.I. water costs PRODUCT FEATURES Automatic ? Capable of completely and automatically scribing and breaking many substrate materials. Cost effective ? Reduced production time ? System integration allows easy hook-up and transport ? Superior yields and improved efficiency Environmental ? No D.I. or toxic wastewater Versatile ? Fully programmable for all scribing and breaking parameters, including TrueAngle? diamond tool positioning ? Infinitely programmable with Pentium? powered Windows? interface Easy ? Stored Process eliminates operator adjustments when changing between wafer types GST-150 SPECIFICATIONS Wafer Size: 150mm max. (6" max.) Wafer Thickness: 40 um to 1725 um (material dependant) Minimum Die Size: 200 um square (dependent on type of material and wafer thickness) Minimum Wafer Index: 5 um with Std. Encoders; 2 um with Optional Hi-Res. Encoders Maximum Wafer Index: 150 mm Maximum Backside Metal: 10 um (dependent on type of material and process) Scribe Channel Width: < 5 um Load Time: < 15 seconds Alignment Time: < 30 seconds Scribe Speed: 2 mm/sec to 100mm/sec (0.080"/sec to 4 "/sec) (dependent on type of material and process) Break Rate: 2 breaks/sec. (depending on substrate thickness and backside metals) Break Method: Patented impulse bar Vision System: Digital Hi-Res BW/Color Camera; 17" Color Monitor; Pattern Recognition System for Auto Alignment, Edge Detection for automatic bar and piece alignment, and Auto Step-Correction Programmable: Scribe Tool Life; Scribe Angle; Scribe Approach Speed; Scribe Force; Scribe Speed; Scribe Extension; Break Force; Multiple Die Size; Fiducial Image Storage; Wafer Type and Profile; Multiple Wafer Profile Storage. (Profile programmable in metric or imperial units) Wafer Mounting:Std: Metal Saw Frames (FF- 105 and FF-108); Optional: 7" or 6" Hoop Sets (limits max. wafer size to 4" and 3") Substrates: Saphire, GaAs, LiNbO3, Glass, InP, GaP, Silicon, Quartz Please contact us by for more information.